Cheryl S. Greene, Ed.D. Incourage Coaching and Consulting (480) 980-4741


Cheryl is a natural at providing a healing space that is safe, exploratory and insightful. Working with her has created some of the most transformative and inspirational shifts in my personal discovery. She is welcoming, compassionate and dedicated to creating a quality of coaching experience that will have a lasting impression on the course of your life.  You are in good hands and in good heart with Cheryl.  -- Robin A.      

Cheryl’s compassion, insight and passion for what she does is so apparent.  I am grateful for her work.  --Marcie E.       

Cheryl's wise coaching is a gift.  I have continued to feel the deep resonance with Arabesque and with her.  --Jaimie     

 I appreciate Cheryl’s empathetic, supportive yet direct manner.  -- Kim J.

Working with Cheryl is great!  She helped me clarify quickly the service I provide to my clients using the specifics of my top strengths. During our session, I realized that what I really do is help clients imagine and create dreams while also gathering tangible and useful resources to make those dreams become reality. Whenever I need support and someone in my corner, I call Cheryl!  --Anne K.

I absolutely love Equus Coaching! My experience with Cheryl and Arabesque was one I will not ever forget. Cheryl created an incredibly supportive space where I felt safe and peaceful. Arabesque showed me a new level of self-love and acceptance during my time working with her. I don’t think I could receive a greater gift. The experience was so fun and uplifting that I have already recommended it to my family and friends! Thank you so much, Cheryl. You made a difference to this one!  --Marci C.

I am so honored to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Greene as my Strengths Coach. I was so enlightened by the process of understanding my personal strengths and how these impact my decisions, career, and personal life. The explanation of how these strengths manifest in my life was such a pleasant experience. I love the fact that the focus remains on what I excel in, rather than my negative qualities, and how the positives help to improve myself and how I work and relate with others. Dr. Greene helped to explain these items with great clarity, positivity, and personal examples of how she has seen my personal strengths in action. I find myself and my colleagues regularly referencing our own personal strengths and how we are better able to connect with one another, since our work revolves primarily around team work. To say that I was enlightened with her coaching is an understatement: I feel inspired to continue to hone my strengths and to reveal to others about the process and how it can help in their lives as well. I recommend without hesitation Strengths Coaching with Dr. Greene. She is an amazing person to work with, and lives and breathes the philosophy, which reflects her dedication to empowering others. -- Kate T.

My Equus Coaching session was beyond powerful. That was the most centered and grounded I've felt in years. The work Cheryl guided me through exceeded my expectations. We worked to give my unfounded fears a voice.. With Cheryl and Arabesque's help, I was able to shine a spotlight on my self-limiting fears, negative self- talk and thought patterns. I highly recommend Equus coaching for anyone looking to discover their power.  -- Matt D.