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Equine Learning Experiences

Equus Coaching 1:1 Sessions


As an Equus Coach, I am passionate about using the wisdom of horses to help individuals live a more joyous and wholehearted life.  

As people learn to trust their inner wisdom and follow their heart, they are able to release untapped potential and create limitless possibilities.

Leadership & Team Building


I have created horse inspired leadership retreats and experiences that help individuals follow their inner voice and lead from the inside out.  These programs focus on:

Heart-Centered Leadership

Authentic communication and connection

Solutions from within, "SOULutions"

Meditation Circles with Horses


Many of us live a faced-pace life, causing us to live in a state of "dis-ease." Meditation is the perfect antidote to this condition.  Horses amplify the healing energy of meditation. They have a unque way of opening our hearts and minds to all possibilities that exist within.

Meet Cheryl S. Greene, Ed.D.

Cheryl has the extraordinary ability to fuse her intuitive and coaching abilities with her 25+ years in educational leadership, prevention, and counseling to create transformational and inspirational experiences for individuals and small groups. 

Experience The Magic of Equus!

Contact to learn how you can experience a low-cost demo of a 1:1 Equus Coaching session!   (No horse experience is required. No riding is involved.  All work with horses is done on the ground.)               

Discover Your Super Powers!

Your innate talents, when developed into strengths, become your unique set of super powers that help you achieve greater success in work, relationships, and life!

Strength-Based Coaching

Strengths Coaching Helps Individuals and Teams Succeed

As a Certified Gallup Strength's Coach, I will teach you and/or your team tangible tools 

and strategies to help you learn, grow, develop, and succeed!

What Are Your Strengths?


Discover your "top five" strengths and learn how developing your strengths is the best way to success and the most powerful team building concept around!

Begin Your Transformation Today!


"The journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step."  Begin your journey now to total transformation!